This includes all admin costs, referee costs & field costs. Required uniforms and replacement pieces are available for a reasonable fee online!

Under 6 – $90
U8 to U10 – $100
U11 & U12 – $125
13 and above – $150

Late fees apply after August 15 (fall) or January 15 (spring)

Basic Rules by Age Group

Girls or Boys teams are available.  Girls may be added to boys teams by special request or necessity. 

U-6 games are 32 minutes in length with 16 minutes halves. Coaches serve as referees and should be on the field with the players. These games are 3v3 with no goalie. At U-6, we use the “new ball” system. Instead of using throw ins or kicks (goal or corner), the coaches on the field should gently toss a ball on the field of play near where the ball went out and declare, “New ball!” Do have a kickoff after each goal. The team that did not score gets to kick off. Defenders must stay out of the center circle during kickoffs. Six to seven players are rostered per team. 

U-8 games will be 40 minutes long with 20-minute halves. Referees will be provided. These games will be 4v4 with no goalie. 8 players are rostered per team. No direct kicks. Players do throw ins, corner kicks and goal kicks. No permanent goalies are allowed. Coaches sub from the half line at any stoppage with referee permission. No offside unless the referee believes it to be an unfair tactic (a player is always position offside to gain an advantage).

U-10 games will be 50 minutes long with 25-minute halves. Referees will be provided. These games will be 7v7 with a goalie (6 field players plus a goalie). 10 players are rostered per team.

Basic soccer rules apply, including offside. Subs at the half line on your own throw, goal kick or after any goal with referee permission.  U-9 and U-10 games have an added blue line, Attackers may not advance behind that line until the defending team has received the ball from their goalie behind the blue line or the ball has advanced beyond the blue line. Punting and heading are not allowed at this age group.

U-11/U-12 play 9v9 with a roster limit of 16. U-11 games prohibit heading while U-12 games allow both heading and punting.  This age groups has 60 minute games/30 minute halves.

U-13 and older play 11v11 with roster limits of 18 or 21 (21 with U-17 and older players). 

U-13/14 games are 70 minutes/35 minute halves.

U-15/16 games are 80 minutes/40 minute halves.

U-17 and above games are 90 minutes/45 minute halves.

Please see the CAYSA site for more information. Rules of Play begin on page 31.

Soccer Ball Sizes

U6/U8 = Size 3

U10/U12 = Size 4

U13 and older = Size 5

Season Dates and General Information

  • The Fall season begins the weekend after Labor Day
  • The Spring season begins the last weekend of February
  • You should hear from coaches about 2 weeks before the season begins
  • Practice times and places will be determined by coaches and teams. U-6 teams typically practice once a week. Older teams often practice twice weekly. 
  • U-6 and U-8 games are typically in Leander on Saturday mornings. U-10 teams will play on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons. U-11 and above teams may play on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Please click here for the updated age group chart for the 2017-18 season and beyond.

Add $20 for late registration (after August 15th or January 15th).

Games, Times and Locations

All games for players under 8 years old are held at Robin Bledsoe Park in the Serna Athletic Fields. Some games for 9-10 year olds are held on Friday nights, while some may be held on Saturday mornings. Older age groups have home and away games. We host the U-11 and U-12 home games at Bledsoe Park, and the U-13 and older teams play their home games either at the Serna Athletic Fields or at Williamson County Regional Park.


  • The U6 teams have six players per team. They play two 16-minute halves with three players on the field from each team, at one time. The coaches referee the games. There is no goalie in this age group.
  •  The U8 teams have eight players per team and play 4v4. They play two 20-minute halves. One or two referees will officiate the game. There are still no goalkeepers.
  • The U10 teams have 10 people on the rosters and can play six people at any one time, including a goalie. Each half is 25 minutes in duration.