Coaches Corner

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Tips For a Successful Practice

  • Plan your session in advance – Stick to one topic (E.g Passing)
  • Carry notes with you. Try and follow unopposed, opposed, small sided game progressions
  • Check equipment – Pumped up balls, cones, pinnies
  • Set a good example – Arrive on time
  • Static stretching can be done prior to session – Try and only incorporate dynamics stretches in session – Time is precious
  • Keep explanations brief and to the point
  • Make sure you have each individuals attention – Eye contact is key
  • Introduce coaching points one at a time
  • Demonstrate or have a player demonstrate – A lot of children are visual learners
  • Vary the tone of your voice. Do not be monotonous
  • Move around the area – do not be static
  • Provide feedback but do not commentate throughout practice
  • If something is not working, change a factor (E.g size, rules, space, touches)
  • Do not be afraid to change a activity if it is not working
  • Set more ‘able’ individuals specific challengers to avoid boredom
  • Use water breaks frequently – These are a good time to reinforce key points
  • Constantly reinforce good behavior
  • Recap your session with questions to check they have absorbed the information and learned something from the practice
  • Try and stay away from laps & lines of people waiting to complete activity

Emphasis on FUN & ENJOYMENT

Weather Policy

Leander Youth Soccer Association Inclement Weather Policy for Leander YSA Fields

1) All fields will be closed for ALL activities and cleared immediately under any of the following conditions:

a. Thunder heard or Lightning seen AND Lightning within 10 miles of fields using available sensors, apps, etc.
b. Lightning detected within ten miles of field regardless of visual or audible presence.

2) If no sensor equipment is available, the fields shall be closed in the presence of thunder or lightning.

3) If fields are closed under part 1), players, coaches, referees, managers, families and spectators are to seek immediate shelter from these events. Examples of safe cover include:

· Vehicle – enclosed and windows up
· Enclosed buildings with four walls, plumbing, and electrical wiring

4) It is the responsibility of all present at the field to clear the field when any of the above conditions occur.

5) Activities can resume under following conditions:

· 30 minutes has passed since last lightning seen or thunder heard; AND
· Lightning has moved more than 10 miles from the fields

6) If activities are resumed, coaches and board members present must continue to monitor and be prepared to clear the field if lightning should move back within 10 miles.

IMPORTANT: Coaches or board members may always take action to suspend activities on the fields if they deem it necessary for the safety of the players, such as in the case of darkening or threatening skies or extreme rain events.

7) This policy should never be interpreted to prevent or limit a parent, coach or member club director from taking appropriate action to ensure the safety of players or spectators.

For Non-Leander YSA Fields

In the event that the hosting club does not have a field safety policy comparable to this policy, Leander YSA members should follow the procedures in this policy and remove all Leander YSA players and coaches from the area.

A coach may remove his players from a game for safety reasons even if the referee has not suspended the match. Leander YSA policies for resumption of activities should be followed in reaching a decision to return any Leander YSA players or coaches to the field.

Monitoring Weather

1) Designated Leander YSA representative(s) will track weather conditions and will close home fields when the board feels that conditions are unsafe. Coaches should monitor conditions present when fields are open. Each team’s coach or manager should have at least one weather tracking app available during any on field activities. There are many different mobile apps that members can use to track weather, including:

· WeatherBug’s embedded tool – SPARK
· LightningCast

2) We encourage all members to be part of the solution in keeping everyone safe. If you hear thunder or see lightning, please approach the referee and coaches, advising them of your observation in that they may have not seen or heard it themselves.


1) Decisions to close the field will be communicated by group e-mail to all Leander YSA players and coaches using the contact information in GotSoccer or other requested contact e-mails or methods. In addition, the decision will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

2) If a decision is made to close/clear the fields while the fields are in use, a signal of four short, sharp blasts from a whistle will be given in as many areas of the fields as needed to inform all Leander YSA users. It is the responsibility of the coach to immediately clear the fields upon hearing the signal.



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