Recreational Soccer

90Recreational is for beginners of all ages. Fees range from $90 to $150 and are for fall or spring. You must re-register for each season.

Mondays through Friday, depending on your coach’s schedule and availability; Between 5-8pm

Games: U10 are typically on Fridays, occasionally on Saturdays; U-6 and U-8 are before 2pm on Saturdays.

  • The Fall season begins the weekend after Labor Day
  • The Spring season begins the last weekend of February
  • You should hear from coaches about 2 weeks before the season begins
  • Practice times and places will be determined by coaches and teams. U-6 teams typically practice once a week. Older teams often practice twice weekly. 
  • U-6 and U-8 games are typically in Leander on Saturday mornings. U-10 teams will play on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons. U-11 and above teams may play on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.


Fall –early September to mid November; Spring –late February to mid May


Recreational Soccer:

  • U6 = $90 per season (fall or spring)
  • U8 =  $100 per season (fall or spring)
  • U10 = $125 per season (fall or spring)
  • U12 = $150 per season (fall or spring)
  • U13 and older = $175 per season (fall or spring)

Uniform–recreational kit (rec and academy)–Approximately $50


  • The focus of our efforts is based on meeting the need of each individual child
  • We believe a happy and enthusiastic player is essential for learning and to enable development
  • We do not tolerate disruptive behavior from players or their families
  • We strive for improvement in all aspects, providing a fun and safe environment for all players
  • Provide playing opportunities for all levels of skill, ability and ambition
  • Please click here for basic rule of play.